Glass > Water-jet

This work is based off of my image Cyan-leuk-rrhagia. I attempted to recreate my image in the projection of the object. I was interested in bring my work in a full circle. Since I created the image using glass and the final product was a 2D object, I tried to take the image and create a glass object to see if I could recreate the image in the projection of said object. To do this I put my image into Rhino and mapped the image topographically and then split it into 10 different layers that I had water-jet cut in 1/4" sheet glass. To get the color I needed I dyed the Hxtal adhesive with Orasol dyes, which I painted on in-between each layer building up the color and adhering all 10 layers together.

Water-jet cut glass
Mapping the Image
water-jet cut glass